Experts maintain that supportive, stable housing is the cornerstone to the effective treatment of HIV/AIDS, increasing access to comprehensive health care and adherence to complex drug therapies.

Studies have shown that stable housing promotes improved health status, increases community participation, improves life skills management, and increases capacity for some to return to work and social activities.

Support Ministries assists and advocates for people living with HIV/AIDS to overcome barriers and become connected to needed community services.

It is with the utmost effort and dedication that we stay true to our mission. Our cause runs true to the basic kindness that is associated with human nature, to assist when a helping hand is needed.

Throughout all of our efforts, the bottom line of what Support Ministries is about is helping persons in our community who are living with HIV/AIDS. Our assistance can be seen in our housing programs. What is not realized or seen is what occurs behind those walls.

We at Support Ministries provide all the needed support for the daily living of our residents. This includes but is certainly not limited to medical scheduling, transportation, meals, activities, support for mental health issues, medication adherence programs, providing advocacy and information to services, counseling, and life skills development.

We can use your HELP to continue our mission. As more and more cutbacks occur in Federal and State funding, the less funding we receive to continue our daily operations and plans for future projects. Your tax deductible donation will help to ensure our mission to provide housing and related services continues.