Get Involved

We are always looking for volunteers in our office, for special events, to spend time with our clients, basic repairs/maintenance around our residences/apartments.

Office Work

In our offices we could use individuals with strong organizational skills who can work in a busy environment who want to make a difference.

Special Events

We can always use volunteers for events to assist with making sure we know about events in a timely manner and to make sure we are included in them if we would like to be. We could use individuals willing to assist with set up and breakdown at events as well as helping with tabling.

Time With Clients

We can always use people who are willing to spend an hour or two with a client or two. Our clients want to live as normally as possible and one way to do that is to lead active social lives. Their condition and medications can keep them from being able to participate fully in most activities, but that does not mean that they would not enjoy sitting and having a cup of coffee with a caring individual or going to a movie or for a walk in the park.

Basic Handyman

We can always use people who are able to do basic repair work/painting/yardwork around our three main residences and scattered site apartments. We realize that some things will be beyond a volunteers expertise/ability/time, but we would encourage anyone who enjoys fixing a leaky faucet, toilet that keeps running, raking leaves, or mowing a lawn to give us a call and see if you can do something for one of our residences.